044 - Yoav Lurie: Co-founder and CEO of Simple Energy explains how his company motivates people to save energy

Yoav Lurie is co-founder and CEO of Simple Energy, a SaaS company that partners with utility providers to promote energy efficiency. 

In this interview, Yoav discusses how to motivate people to care and save energy as well as making their lives easier through simplicity.

Topics Discussed

  • Coming up with a business idea and pivoting
  • Talking to potential customers and implementing feedback
  • Focusing on creating a minimum viable product
  • Expanding into international markets

Best Business Advice

"Hire fast, fire fast..."

Book Recommendations

 The Hard Thing About Hard Things  and Venture Deals 

Contact Information 

Website: http://simpleenergy.com/

Email: yoav@simplenergy.com

Twitter: @yoavlurie