040 - Brett Jurgens: Co-founder and CEO of Notion, developing smart sensors for your home

Brett Jurgens is the Co-founder and CEO of Notion.is, which has developed a home sensor with eight senses that can send information about what is going on in your home to your phone.  

Topics Discussed

  • Leveraging startup experience as an employee to build your own startup

  • Retrofitting products

  • Co-founder tips - have different skill sets

  • Manufacturing locally

Best Business Advice

"Really, really know who your investors are."  "Be very careful who you are partnering with because it will likely last a long time."

Contact Information 

Email: brett@notion.is

Twitter: @notion

Website: www.notion.is

023 - Sylvia Bernstein: Co-founder and President of The Aquaponic Source explains how to create new market space

Sylvia Bernstein is a leader in the field of aquaponics. She is the Co-founder and President of The Aquaponic Source, which is a Colorado-based company with a mission to empower people to grow their own fish and vegetables in their homes and school. Sylvia is a best selling author on the subject of aquaponics and is at the forefront of the aquaponics industry through her educational teachings and national aquaponic festivals. 


Topics Discussed

  • Identifying blue oceans and entering new markets
  • Educating your audience
  • Hiring passionate employees
  • Doing work you love

Favorite Resource


Best Business Advice

  1. Go make something happen
  2. Do work you're proud of
  3. Treat people with respect
  4. Make big promises and keep them
  5. Ship it out the door

Contact Information

Email: sylvia@theaquaponicsource.com

Website: http://theaquaponicsource.com/

022 - Eric Hubbell: Founder and CEO of MyHub shares tips on how to prepare for your entrepreneurial journey

Eric Hubbell is the founder and CEO of MyHub, which is a mobile tech company that created a new and smarter solution for social planning. The MyHub app allows you to plan upcoming activities and share them with your friends. 

In this interview Eric shares tips on preparing for the entrepreneurial journey through preparation, validation, user testing, and good design. 

Topics Discussed

  • Recognizing a "lightbulb" moment
  • Validating a business idea
  • Bootstrapping your company
  • How to put together a team 

Favorite Resource


Best Business Advice


Contact Information

Email: eric@myhubapp.com

Website: http://myhubapp.com/


010 - Jud Valeski: Co-founder of Gnip talks about approaching VCs and situational awareness

Wow! This was a fun interview and I think I could have spent another two hours with Jud because I had so many questions to ask him. Maybe I'll be able to get him on again in the future. 

Jud is the co-founder and CTO of Gnip, which is a Boulder based company that is known as the World’s largest and most trusted provider of social data.  Fast Company has named Gnip one of the top ten most innovative companies in big data two years in a row and Gnip has been named one of the best places to work by Outside Magazine and the Boulder chamber of commerce.

Topics Discussed

  • History of the Boulder software startup scene
  • Letting go of the CEO reigns (Situational Awareness)
  • Approaching VCs
  • Starting without a clear path to revenue
  • Finding product/market fit

Favorite Resource

Google Apps

Best Business Advice

"There is always something to clean" 

Contact Information for Jud

Website:  http://gnip.com/ 

Twitter: @gnip

Email: jud@gnip.com

007 - Dan Kruger, Founder and CEO of Absio: their data security product is so good, the Department of Defense was their first customer

Dan Kruger.png

Dan is the founder and CEO of Absio, which offers software applications that enable users to maintain control of their digital data wherever it is located.

Topics Discussed

  • How Absio works (separating the key from the lock)
  • Avoiding venture capital
  • Finding talent in Colorado
  • "Successful businesses are built on people who are proud of what they do and who they work with"

Favorite Resources / Books



Atlas Shrugged

The Gulag Archipelago

Contact Information for Dan

Website:  Absio.com


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