042 - Luke Vance and Bryan Costanza: Hemera Project is using solar power to build a business and help the developing world

Luke Vance and Bryan Costanza are from the Hemera Project.  Luke is the President and founder and Bryan is the head of business development.  The Hemera Project is a Colorado based startup that is developing a solar powered watch and cell phone charger.

Topics Discussed

  • Clean energy and solving problems in the developing world

  • Solar powered watch and cell phone charger

  • Bootstrapping and Crowdfunding

  • Designing and manufacturing in Colorado

  • Accessible and fashionable solar products

Best Business Advice

"Ask for help"

Contact Information 

TWITTER: @hemeraproject


WEBSITE: http://hemeraproject.com/  

026 - Bob Witham: Co-founder and CEO of Two Rivers Winery talks about entering into a new venture with no industry experience

Bob Witham is the Co-founder and CEO of Two Rivers Winery, which is located in Grand Junction, Colorado.

In this interview, Bob discusses entering a new industry with limited experience, business planning, working with banks, and following through. 

Topics Discussed

  • Changing your original business idea
  • Entering an unfamiliar industry with limited knowledge
  • Business planning and working with banks
  • Adapting to conditions outside of your control

Best Business Advice

“When you’re in any kind of a business, you need to go out there and you need to take risks. And those risks need to be quantifiable but; nonetheless, they have to be risks and you have to be willing to step out there and do those.“

Contact Information

Website: http://www.tworiverswinery.com/

019 - David Cockrel: Co-founder and CEO of Spex.it tackles a niche market

David Cockrel is the co-founder and CEO of Spex.it, which develops "Smart Inspection Software" for property & casualty insurance companies. 

Topics Discussed

  • Finding a co-founder and leaving a secure job
  • Validating an idea and determining a price
  • Costs to build an app
  • Creating the Wikipedia of building materials

Favorite Resource

Invision app

Best Business Advice

"You're not alone - look for those who have been in your situation and succeeded and those who failed and learn from both"

Contact Information

Email: david@spex.it 

Wesbsite: http://www.spex.it/ 

015 - Steve Albers and Scott Fulbright: Co-founders of Living Ink Technologies - scientists and businessmen

Steve and Scott are the co-founders of Living Ink Technologies, which is a cool concept with a patent pending living ink process that uses algae to create a time-lapse greeting card where the ink forms by using carbon dioxide and sunlight.

Topics Discussed

  • Being a scientist and starting a business
  • Marketing a startup product 
  • Scientists can be business people!

Favorite Resource

Trello (my favorite)

Best Business Advice

"Follow your passion"

"Follow your gut" (my paraphrase of Scott's advice)

Contact Information

Website: www.livinginktechnologies.com

Twitter: @LivingInkTech


013 - Aaron Berman: CFO of The Infinite Monkey Theorem shares the ins and outs of an urban winery

Aaron is the CFO of The Infinite Monkey Theorem, which is an urban winery operated out of a back alley in the RiNo Art District of Denver.

You will hear some dogs barking, but don't worry it doesn't last long and they don't bite! 

Topics Discussed

  • Monetizing an urban winery
  • Turning R&D projects into revenue streams
  • Changing antiquated laws to benefit business
  • Financing a business with high equipment costs

Favorite Resource

UShip - http://www.uship.com/ 

Best Business Advice

Approach all issues with the mindset of what's best for the company.

Contact Information for Aaron

Website:  http://theinfinitemonkeytheorem.com/ 

Email: aaron@theinfinitemonkeytheorem.com 

012 - Benjamin Frohlichstein and Stacey Marcellus: Co-founders of Cappello's Gluten Free share their startup experience

Ben and Stacey are the co-founders of Cappello’s Gluten Free, which is a gourmet food company specializing in high-end gluten free, grain free products. 

Topics Discussed

  • Manufacturing food products in Colorado
  • Marketing through social media
  • Splitting duties between co-founders
  • "Farmer's Marketing"

Favorite Quote

"The harder I work, the more luck I have" - Thomas Jefferson

Contact Information

Website:  www.cappellosglutenfree.com

Special Thanks! 

A special thanks to John-Nick Gaetano (aka: JNG or Johnny 5) for the new intro and outro music!! You're the man!  Looking forward to the next funky bass slapping mix that you send.

010 - Jud Valeski: Co-founder of Gnip talks about approaching VCs and situational awareness

Wow! This was a fun interview and I think I could have spent another two hours with Jud because I had so many questions to ask him. Maybe I'll be able to get him on again in the future. 

Jud is the co-founder and CTO of Gnip, which is a Boulder based company that is known as the World’s largest and most trusted provider of social data.  Fast Company has named Gnip one of the top ten most innovative companies in big data two years in a row and Gnip has been named one of the best places to work by Outside Magazine and the Boulder chamber of commerce.

Topics Discussed

  • History of the Boulder software startup scene
  • Letting go of the CEO reigns (Situational Awareness)
  • Approaching VCs
  • Starting without a clear path to revenue
  • Finding product/market fit

Favorite Resource

Google Apps

Best Business Advice

"There is always something to clean" 

Contact Information for Jud

Website:  http://gnip.com/ 

Twitter: @gnip

Email: jud@gnip.com

009 - John-Paul Maxfield: Founder of Waste Farmers drops some serious knowledge about starting a business in CO



John-Paul is the founder of Waste Farmers, a company that empowers the farmers of the 21st century with sustainable solutions to grow consciously. 

Topics Discussed

  • Building a company that makes a difference
  • Leadership styles
  • Raising money in difficult times
  • Becoming a CEO

Parting Advice

"Don't take anyone's advice" - "Get out and do"

Contact Information for John-Paul

Email: jpmaxfield@wastefarmers.com 

Website:  http://www.wastefarmers.com/ 

Twitter: @WasteFarmers

005 - Pete Jokisch: Founder of Teakoe & Company goes from local athlete to local entrepreneur

Teakoe Picture.png

Pete is the founder of Teakoe & Company, an innovative tea company that doesn’t offer your typical tea product line. Teakoe produces teas with unique flavor combinations and blends that have been wowing tea drinkers around Colorado in restaurants and farmer’s markets since 2008.

Topics Discussed

  • The story behind the name Teakoe
  • Sourcing product
  • Pete's biggest mistake
  • Advice for those interested in creating a food or beverage product

Favorite Resource


Contact Information for Pete

Email: pete@teakoe.com 

Twitter: @TeakoePete