056 - Devin Eldridge: Co-founder of Stow brings the sharing economy to the storage industry

Devin Eldridge is the co-founder of Stow, which is a social self-storage marketplace that provides a platform to match people that need space with those who have it.

In this interview Devin discusses how he is building this two-sided marketplace and bringing the sharing economy to storage in Colorado. 

Topics Discussed

  • Building a two-sided marketplace
  • Going mobile
  • Monetizing
  • Advice for entrepreneurs - focus on the customer

Book Recommendations

Contact Information

Website: www.juststowit.com

Twitter: @_Stow_

045 - Eric Lough: Founder and Craftsman of Famous Beard Oil Co. talks about No Fear Marketing

Eric Lough is the Founder and Chief Craftsman of Famous Beard Oil Co., which is a Denver-based maker of high quality beard oils handcrafted in Colorado using all natural oils.

Topics Discussed 

  • Creating demand before starting a business

  • No fear marketing

  • Getting professional athletes to promote your business

 Best Business Advice

"Never give up on your dreams"

"Just go for it"

Contact Information

Website: http://famousbeardoil.com/


040 - Brett Jurgens: Co-founder and CEO of Notion, developing smart sensors for your home

Brett Jurgens is the Co-founder and CEO of Notion.is, which has developed a home sensor with eight senses that can send information about what is going on in your home to your phone.  

Topics Discussed

  • Leveraging startup experience as an employee to build your own startup

  • Retrofitting products

  • Co-founder tips - have different skill sets

  • Manufacturing locally

Best Business Advice

"Really, really know who your investors are."  "Be very careful who you are partnering with because it will likely last a long time."

Contact Information 

Email: brett@notion.is

Twitter: @notion

Website: www.notion.is

028 - Timmy Wozniak: Co-founder and CEO of FreshJets stresses the importance of having a technical co-founder


Timmy Wozniak is the Co-founder and CEO of FreshJets. The FreshJets App connects you with a private jet at the tap of a button. The FreshJets software system also allows charter operators and corporate travel departments to take advantage of empty legs.

Topics Discussed

  • Starting and running a business at an early age
  • Entering new markets
  • Outsourcing technical work
  • Forming strategic partnerships

Favorite Resource


Best Business Advice

"Focus on your customers."

Contact Information

Email: timmy@freshjets.com

Website: https://freshjets.com/

022 - Eric Hubbell: Founder and CEO of MyHub shares tips on how to prepare for your entrepreneurial journey

Eric Hubbell is the founder and CEO of MyHub, which is a mobile tech company that created a new and smarter solution for social planning. The MyHub app allows you to plan upcoming activities and share them with your friends. 

In this interview Eric shares tips on preparing for the entrepreneurial journey through preparation, validation, user testing, and good design. 

Topics Discussed

  • Recognizing a "lightbulb" moment
  • Validating a business idea
  • Bootstrapping your company
  • How to put together a team 

Favorite Resource


Best Business Advice


Contact Information

Email: eric@myhubapp.com

Website: http://myhubapp.com/


019 - David Cockrel: Co-founder and CEO of Spex.it tackles a niche market

David Cockrel is the co-founder and CEO of Spex.it, which develops "Smart Inspection Software" for property & casualty insurance companies. 

Topics Discussed

  • Finding a co-founder and leaving a secure job
  • Validating an idea and determining a price
  • Costs to build an app
  • Creating the Wikipedia of building materials

Favorite Resource

Invision app

Best Business Advice

"You're not alone - look for those who have been in your situation and succeeded and those who failed and learn from both"

Contact Information

Email: david@spex.it 

Wesbsite: http://www.spex.it/ 

008 - Craig Baute: Founder of Creative Density and the Coworking Passport explains the new workspace revolution

Craig is the founder of Creative Density, a Coworking space located in Denver off of 17th and Emerson and he also started the Colorado Coworking Passport, which is an innovative concept that allows users to pay one monthly fee and use many different coworking space locations. 

Topics Discussed

  • Lightbulb moment regarding coworking space
  • Benefits of coworking space
  • Using surveys to determine viability of an idea
  • Deciding when to expand

Favorite Resources


Business Week

Contact Information for Craig

Email: craig@densitycoworking.com

Website:  www.densitycoworking.com 

Twitter: @creativedensity

007 - Dan Kruger, Founder and CEO of Absio: their data security product is so good, the Department of Defense was their first customer

Dan Kruger.png

Dan is the founder and CEO of Absio, which offers software applications that enable users to maintain control of their digital data wherever it is located.

Topics Discussed

  • How Absio works (separating the key from the lock)
  • Avoiding venture capital
  • Finding talent in Colorado
  • "Successful businesses are built on people who are proud of what they do and who they work with"

Favorite Resources / Books



Atlas Shrugged

The Gulag Archipelago

Contact Information for Dan

Website:  Absio.com


Angel Capital Summit - Building Value in Angel Backed Companies

006 - Erik Wolf: Founder of ORBTR is creating a standout product in a crowded space

Erik Wolf (linkedin Pic).png
ORBTR Logo.png

Erik is the founder of ORBTR, which sells a sales and marketing software that integrates with WordPress websites.

Topics Discussed

  • Creating a standout product in a crowded space
  • Converting sales with free trials
  • Expert internet marketing tips
  • Selling value instead of features

Favorite Resource

ORBTR of course!

Contact Information for Erik

Website:  Orbtr.net

Twitter: @erikwolf

Slideshare - Check out Erik's slides! He has some great content here.

005 - Pete Jokisch: Founder of Teakoe & Company goes from local athlete to local entrepreneur

Teakoe Picture.png

Pete is the founder of Teakoe & Company, an innovative tea company that doesn’t offer your typical tea product line. Teakoe produces teas with unique flavor combinations and blends that have been wowing tea drinkers around Colorado in restaurants and farmer’s markets since 2008.

Topics Discussed

  • The story behind the name Teakoe
  • Sourcing product
  • Pete's biggest mistake
  • Advice for those interested in creating a food or beverage product

Favorite Resource


Contact Information for Pete

Email: pete@teakoe.com 

Twitter: @TeakoePete

004 - Nicole Gravagna: Managing Director of 10.10.10 is bringing entrepreneurs to Denver to solve big problems

Nicole Gravagna Picture.png
10.10.10 Picture.png

Nicole is the managing director of 10.10.10, which is an awesome concept that takes 10 CEO entrepreneurs from around the country, brings them to Denver, challenges them with 10 big issue problems, and gives them 10 days to hash it out.  

Topics Discussed

  • 10.10.10 explained
  • Finding CEOs
  • Why Denver is a great place to bring entrepreneurs
  • Nicole's business advice

Favorite Resource


"Every once in a while you need to turn off your mind and look at stupid cat pictures"

Contact Information for Nicole

LinkedIn: 10.10.10 Entrepreneur Network 

Twitter: @NicoleGravagna 

Website: http://101010denver.com/