051 - Mary Camacho: Founder of Mixteka talks about diving into entrepreneurship and changing the world through business

Mary Camacho is the founder and CEO of Mixteka. With a background in technology and finance, Mary has basically been in the startup world her whole career and has founded several companies. 

Mixteka was born out of Mary's own frustrations. Seeing a void in the DIY music industry, based on her own frustrations, she created a virtual DJ solutions for weddings and events. 

In this interview, Mary discusses the importance of finding a scaleable idea, conducting market research and validating a business idea, the growth of "Do It Yourself" and the challenges of being a female entrepreneur. 

Topics Discussed

  • Conducting market research and validating a business idea 
  • Creating a business by solving problems  
  • The growth of "Do It Yourself"
  • The challenges of being a female entrepreneur

Best Business Advice

"When it comes to startups, if you don't have a scaleable idea you don't have a startup."

Book Recommendations

Finite and Infinite Games 

Contact Information

Website: http://www.mixteka.com/

Email: mary@mixteka.com