047 - Jordan Eisenberg: Founder and CEO of UrgentRX shares creative strategies to accelerate your business

Jordan Eisenberg is the founder and CEO of UrgentRXUrgentRX is the maker of single-dose foil packets of flavored, powdered over-the-counter medications with the same active ingredients found in products like Bayer, Pepto Bismol, Benadryl and Excedrin. The product is designed to be taken without water

By the time Jordan was 27, he had founded two companies on his own: CollarCard, maker of a credit-card-size shirt stay holder given out as a premium by men’s wear chains; and PMS Buddy, an app that reminded men when their wives or girlfriends were having their periods. The app received 30,000 downloads the day Ashton Kutcher, the actor, tweeted about it.

In this interview, Jordan discusses the importance of persistence, networking, solving real problems, testing the market, and founding multiple companies.

Topics Discussed

  • Networking your way to success
  • Creating a business by solving problems  
  • Disrupting "dead" industries
  • Building a strong team

Best Business Advice

"Focus on execution more than the perfect plan."

Book Recommendations

Secrets from an Inventor’s Notebook  

Contact Information 

Website: http://www.urgentrx.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/urgentrx