039 - Chris Klein and Franz Garsombke, founders of Rachio, discuss the process of bringing a product to market


Chris Klein and Franz Garsombke, are the founders of Rachio, which features a water saving device called the Iro. The Iro is an internet-connected sprinkler control system that you can manipulate using your smartphone.

In this interview, Chris and Franz discuss the process of developing a product and bringing it to market, gaining traction, delaying venture capital, and the importance of a good team. 

Topics Discussed

  • Developing a product and bringing it to market
  • Competing for money and perfecting your pitch
  • Delaying Venture Capital
  • Forming a good team

Best Business Advice

"There's a lot of smart people that have had a lot of different experiences and different views on how you can shape your company. I think the key is to listen, find the nuggets that are in each one of those pieces of advice, find ways to tie them together and apply them when appropriate." 

Contact Information 

Website: https://www.rach.io