043 - Alex Devkar: Co-founder and CEO of Conspire shares the best path to connect with anyone


Alex Devkar is co-founder and CEO of Conspire, a social platform that shows you the best path to connect with anyone.

In this interview, Alex discusses the process of first acquiring users and then focusing on monetizing, getting certain groups of users to maximize value, and the importance of a good team. 

Topics Discussed

  • Validating an idea and creating an MVP
  • Gaining traction and acquiring new users
  • Focusing on adding value and monetizing later 
  • The importance of good people

Best Business Advice

"Get out of the building. Talk to customers. Talk to users. That's the only way you can really figure out what's going on...Why is your product working or not working. What's most important...It's not just build a product, hope people love it, see if they love it or not. Really diving in deeper, talking to users, talking to any of the stakeholders in your company and making sure you get that deep appreciation for why something isn't working or working..."

Contact Information 

Website: https://www.conspire.com/

Email: alex@conspire.com

Twitter: @alexdevkar