054 - Stephen Weigel: Cofounder of MailDeck discusses the company's mission to dominate email management

Stephen Weigel is the co-founder of MailDeck which is an IOS email management app that allows users to more effectively manage their email.

Co-founders Stephen Weigel and Jack Freeman have been perfecting the functionality of MailDeck since the company was founded more than three years ago. After identifying the gap in email management, along with the growing number of email users and emails being sent, the two set out to disrupt the market. They have been featured by Apple along with several other media sources.

In this interview, Stephen discusses how to determine your market, how to fund your business, how to continually iterate, and how to gain users through Facebook advertising.

Topics Discussed

  • Funding your business
  • Determining your niche and iterating
  • Putting your marketing dollars to work
  • Outsourcing parts of your business

Book Recommendation

Venture Deals

Contact Information

Email: Stephen@maildeckapp.com

Website: http://maildeckapp.com/