053 - Jennifer Miller: Cofounder of Philosophy Communication shares how she took her company from zero to over two million dollars in annual revenue

Jennifer Miller is the co-founder of Philosophy Communication; a marketing and PR firm dedicated to helping businesses connect with their customers in innovative ways. 

Philosophy Communication was the result of Jennifer getting laid off and needing to create a job for herself. Her and her business partner, also named Jennifer, had previously worked together and decided to branch out on their own and focus on helping clients. Through their innovative "pay for performance" model, they have built the business to over two million dollars in sales and have consistently experienced year over year growth. 

In this interview, Jennifer discusses how to ask your network for business/referrals, where to spend your marketing dollars if your budget is limited, ways to finance your business, outworking the competition.

Topics Discussed

  • Finding your first customer
  • Adding structure and developing processes for your business
  • Developing employees and growing your team
  • Using professional associations to find clients

Book Recommendation

Daring Greatly

Contact Information

Website: http://philosophycommunication.com/