048 - Devin Mills: President of Rado Distilling is distilling all Colorado sourced ingredients

If you live or have been in Colorado you know that we have an unbelievable micro-brew scene, but if you’re paying attention you’ll notice that there are micro-distilleries that are gaining in popularity.  In this interview, Devin Mills, the President of Rado Distilling, explains how his company is creating a local distillery with all Colorado sourced ingredients.

Topics Discussed

  • Starting a distillery

  • Raising money

  • Selling a product that requires educating your customers

Best Business Advice

"Raise more money than you think you need."

Book Recommendations

Stick with reading books on the area in which you are trying to start a business.

Contact Information 

Website: http://www.radodistilling.com/ 

Twitter: @RadoDistilling