056 - Devin Eldridge: Co-founder of Stow brings the sharing economy to the storage industry

Devin Eldridge is the co-founder of Stow, which is a social self-storage marketplace that provides a platform to match people that need space with those who have it.

In this interview Devin discusses how he is building this two-sided marketplace and bringing the sharing economy to storage in Colorado. 

Topics Discussed

  • Building a two-sided marketplace
  • Going mobile
  • Monetizing
  • Advice for entrepreneurs - focus on the customer

Book Recommendations

Contact Information

Website: www.juststowit.com

Twitter: @_Stow_

055 - Elizabeth Sopher: Founder and Co-Owner of QuickZip brings a physical product to market

Elizabeth Sopher is the founder and Co-owner of QuickZip, which is a Colorado, women-owned company that has re-invented the fitted sheet. QuickZip offers a line of zip-on sheets that make it easy to change sheets and fold and store them.

In this interview Elizabeth discusses how she brought a physical product to market. This product will make you think "why didn't I think of that." 

Topics Discussed

  • Bringing a physical product to market
  • Identifying pain points
  • Direct sales
  • Marketing against the industry standard

Contact Information

Website: QuickZipsheet.com

Twitter: @QuickZip

054 - Stephen Weigel: Cofounder of MailDeck discusses the company's mission to dominate email management

Stephen Weigel is the co-founder of MailDeck which is an IOS email management app that allows users to more effectively manage their email.

Co-founders Stephen Weigel and Jack Freeman have been perfecting the functionality of MailDeck since the company was founded more than three years ago. After identifying the gap in email management, along with the growing number of email users and emails being sent, the two set out to disrupt the market. They have been featured by Apple along with several other media sources.

In this interview, Stephen discusses how to determine your market, how to fund your business, how to continually iterate, and how to gain users through Facebook advertising.

Topics Discussed

  • Funding your business
  • Determining your niche and iterating
  • Putting your marketing dollars to work
  • Outsourcing parts of your business

Book Recommendation

Venture Deals

Contact Information

Email: Stephen@maildeckapp.com

Website: http://maildeckapp.com/

053 - Jennifer Miller: Cofounder of Philosophy Communication shares how she took her company from zero to over two million dollars in annual revenue

Jennifer Miller is the co-founder of Philosophy Communication; a marketing and PR firm dedicated to helping businesses connect with their customers in innovative ways. 

Philosophy Communication was the result of Jennifer getting laid off and needing to create a job for herself. Her and her business partner, also named Jennifer, had previously worked together and decided to branch out on their own and focus on helping clients. Through their innovative "pay for performance" model, they have built the business to over two million dollars in sales and have consistently experienced year over year growth. 

In this interview, Jennifer discusses how to ask your network for business/referrals, where to spend your marketing dollars if your budget is limited, ways to finance your business, outworking the competition.

Topics Discussed

  • Finding your first customer
  • Adding structure and developing processes for your business
  • Developing employees and growing your team
  • Using professional associations to find clients

Book Recommendation

Daring Greatly

Contact Information

Website: http://philosophycommunication.com/

052 - Josh Dorkin: Founder and CEO of BiggerPockets talks about hustling your way to success

Josh Dorkin is the founder and CEO of BiggerPockets; a brand focused on providing valuable real estate information as well as building and connecting a community of real estate investors.

BiggerPockets was born out of Josh's personal quest to find answers to his personal real estate questions and, by his own admission, is successful because of his sheer persistence and hustle. After following his brother's advice and investing in real estate (somewhat blindly) Josh went on a quest to find answers to his own real estate questions. This "light bulb" moment would become the start of one of the most widely recognized real estate information websites. BiggerPockets gets over one million unique visitors each month and has revolutionized the way real estate entrepreneurs connect and the way real estate deals are done. 

In this interview, Josh discusses the importance of pursuing your passion and hustling your way to success, hiring a team and building systems, bootstrapping your business, and building a community.

Topics Discussed

  • Pursuing your passion and building a community to help others 
  • Hustling and persisting your way to success 
  • Building systems and hiring a team
  • Bootstrapping your business

Book Recommendation

The One Thing

Contact Information

Website: https://www.biggerpockets.com/

Twitter: @JRDORKIN  

051 - Mary Camacho: Founder of Mixteka talks about diving into entrepreneurship and changing the world through business

Mary Camacho is the founder and CEO of Mixteka. With a background in technology and finance, Mary has basically been in the startup world her whole career and has founded several companies. 

Mixteka was born out of Mary's own frustrations. Seeing a void in the DIY music industry, based on her own frustrations, she created a virtual DJ solutions for weddings and events. 

In this interview, Mary discusses the importance of finding a scaleable idea, conducting market research and validating a business idea, the growth of "Do It Yourself" and the challenges of being a female entrepreneur. 

Topics Discussed

  • Conducting market research and validating a business idea 
  • Creating a business by solving problems  
  • The growth of "Do It Yourself"
  • The challenges of being a female entrepreneur

Best Business Advice

"When it comes to startups, if you don't have a scaleable idea you don't have a startup."

Book Recommendations

Finite and Infinite Games 

Contact Information

Website: http://www.mixteka.com/

Email: mary@mixteka.com

050 - David Milliken: Founder of Greetly shares tips on building a business around feedback

David Milliken is the founder of Greetly. Greetly is the iPad receptionist app for modern offices. Greetly helps small offices get more done while saving money.

In this interview, David talks about initiating feedback to validate a business idea, persisting through problems, gaining market share, and selling to potential customers.

Topics Discussed

  • Initiating feedback to validate a business idea
  • Persisting through problems,  
  • Gaining market share
  • Selling to potential customers

Book Recommendations

The Churchill Factor

Contact Information

Website: https://mygreetly.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Greetly

049 - Grant Kashner - COO and Head of sales for NexStep Products share tips on getting your product into retail stores

Grant Kashner is a partner and the COO of NexStep Products. NexStep is the producer of various gear primarily targeting the outdoor enthusiast. Starting with the eyewear strap, the company has gone on to expand their product lines to include the NexKoozie, UStrap, Yoga Mat Strap, and much more. 

In this interview, Grant discusses the importance of reading and gaining industry knowledge, creating new products and testing the market, approaching retailers and building relationships, wearing multiple "hats" while running a business, and being disciplined enough to stay on task.

Topics Discussed

  • Developing new products
  • Testing the market  
  • Approaching retailers
  • Wearing multiple "hats"

Book Recommendations

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs  

Contact Information

Website: http://nexstepproducts.myshopify.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NexStepProducts

048 - Devin Mills: President of Rado Distilling is distilling all Colorado sourced ingredients

If you live or have been in Colorado you know that we have an unbelievable micro-brew scene, but if you’re paying attention you’ll notice that there are micro-distilleries that are gaining in popularity.  In this interview, Devin Mills, the President of Rado Distilling, explains how his company is creating a local distillery with all Colorado sourced ingredients.

Topics Discussed

  • Starting a distillery

  • Raising money

  • Selling a product that requires educating your customers

Best Business Advice

"Raise more money than you think you need."

Book Recommendations

Stick with reading books on the area in which you are trying to start a business.

Contact Information 

Website: http://www.radodistilling.com/ 

Twitter: @RadoDistilling

047 - Jordan Eisenberg: Founder and CEO of UrgentRX shares creative strategies to accelerate your business

Jordan Eisenberg is the founder and CEO of UrgentRXUrgentRX is the maker of single-dose foil packets of flavored, powdered over-the-counter medications with the same active ingredients found in products like Bayer, Pepto Bismol, Benadryl and Excedrin. The product is designed to be taken without water

By the time Jordan was 27, he had founded two companies on his own: CollarCard, maker of a credit-card-size shirt stay holder given out as a premium by men’s wear chains; and PMS Buddy, an app that reminded men when their wives or girlfriends were having their periods. The app received 30,000 downloads the day Ashton Kutcher, the actor, tweeted about it.

In this interview, Jordan discusses the importance of persistence, networking, solving real problems, testing the market, and founding multiple companies.

Topics Discussed

  • Networking your way to success
  • Creating a business by solving problems  
  • Disrupting "dead" industries
  • Building a strong team

Best Business Advice

"Focus on execution more than the perfect plan."

Book Recommendations

Secrets from an Inventor’s Notebook  

Contact Information 

Website: http://www.urgentrx.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/urgentrx

046 - Brett Goldberg: CEO of Spex explains how Spex strives to achieve product market fit

Brett Goldberg is the CEO of Spex, which developed "Smart Inspection" software for property and casualty insurance.

Topics Discussed

  • Striving for Product-Market Fit
  • Partnering with Customers to Create a Better Product
  • Marketing to SMBs and Large Businesses
  • Not Spending too much on a MVP

Best Business Advice


Book Recommendations

Blink, Outliers, Delivering Happiness

Contact Information 

Website: http://spexapp.com/

Email: brett@spexapp.com

Twitter: @brettmgoldberg 

045 - Eric Lough: Founder and Craftsman of Famous Beard Oil Co. talks about No Fear Marketing

Eric Lough is the Founder and Chief Craftsman of Famous Beard Oil Co., which is a Denver-based maker of high quality beard oils handcrafted in Colorado using all natural oils.

Topics Discussed 

  • Creating demand before starting a business

  • No fear marketing

  • Getting professional athletes to promote your business

 Best Business Advice

"Never give up on your dreams"

"Just go for it"

Contact Information

Website: http://famousbeardoil.com/


044 - Yoav Lurie: Co-founder and CEO of Simple Energy explains how his company motivates people to save energy

Yoav Lurie is co-founder and CEO of Simple Energy, a SaaS company that partners with utility providers to promote energy efficiency. 

In this interview, Yoav discusses how to motivate people to care and save energy as well as making their lives easier through simplicity.

Topics Discussed

  • Coming up with a business idea and pivoting
  • Talking to potential customers and implementing feedback
  • Focusing on creating a minimum viable product
  • Expanding into international markets

Best Business Advice

"Hire fast, fire fast..."

Book Recommendations

 The Hard Thing About Hard Things  and Venture Deals 

Contact Information 

Website: http://simpleenergy.com/

Email: yoav@simplenergy.com

Twitter: @yoavlurie

043 - Alex Devkar: Co-founder and CEO of Conspire shares the best path to connect with anyone


Alex Devkar is co-founder and CEO of Conspire, a social platform that shows you the best path to connect with anyone.

In this interview, Alex discusses the process of first acquiring users and then focusing on monetizing, getting certain groups of users to maximize value, and the importance of a good team. 

Topics Discussed

  • Validating an idea and creating an MVP
  • Gaining traction and acquiring new users
  • Focusing on adding value and monetizing later 
  • The importance of good people

Best Business Advice

"Get out of the building. Talk to customers. Talk to users. That's the only way you can really figure out what's going on...Why is your product working or not working. What's most important...It's not just build a product, hope people love it, see if they love it or not. Really diving in deeper, talking to users, talking to any of the stakeholders in your company and making sure you get that deep appreciation for why something isn't working or working..."

Contact Information 

Website: https://www.conspire.com/

Email: alex@conspire.com

Twitter: @alexdevkar

042 - Luke Vance and Bryan Costanza: Hemera Project is using solar power to build a business and help the developing world

Luke Vance and Bryan Costanza are from the Hemera Project.  Luke is the President and founder and Bryan is the head of business development.  The Hemera Project is a Colorado based startup that is developing a solar powered watch and cell phone charger.

Topics Discussed

  • Clean energy and solving problems in the developing world

  • Solar powered watch and cell phone charger

  • Bootstrapping and Crowdfunding

  • Designing and manufacturing in Colorado

  • Accessible and fashionable solar products

Best Business Advice

"Ask for help"

Contact Information 

TWITTER: @hemeraproject


WEBSITE: http://hemeraproject.com/  

041 - Craig Lieberman: Founder and President of 34 Degrees Savory Crisps Bootstraps a Gourmet Cracker Company

Craig Lieberman is the founder and President of 34 Degrees Savory Crisps, which is a Denver-based maker of all-natural, wafer-thin crackers.

Topics Discussed

  • Changing a business model

  • Bootstrapping to purchasing equipment

  • Importance of packaging design

  • Importance of social media marketing and partnerships

Best Business Advice

"If you believe in it, go for it."

Contact Information 

TWITTER: @34Degrees


WEBSITE: http://34-degrees.com/ 

040 - Brett Jurgens: Co-founder and CEO of Notion, developing smart sensors for your home

Brett Jurgens is the Co-founder and CEO of Notion.is, which has developed a home sensor with eight senses that can send information about what is going on in your home to your phone.  

Topics Discussed

  • Leveraging startup experience as an employee to build your own startup

  • Retrofitting products

  • Co-founder tips - have different skill sets

  • Manufacturing locally

Best Business Advice

"Really, really know who your investors are."  "Be very careful who you are partnering with because it will likely last a long time."

Contact Information 

Email: brett@notion.is

Twitter: @notion

Website: www.notion.is

039 - Chris Klein and Franz Garsombke, founders of Rachio, discuss the process of bringing a product to market


Chris Klein and Franz Garsombke, are the founders of Rachio, which features a water saving device called the Iro. The Iro is an internet-connected sprinkler control system that you can manipulate using your smartphone.

In this interview, Chris and Franz discuss the process of developing a product and bringing it to market, gaining traction, delaying venture capital, and the importance of a good team. 

Topics Discussed

  • Developing a product and bringing it to market
  • Competing for money and perfecting your pitch
  • Delaying Venture Capital
  • Forming a good team

Best Business Advice

"There's a lot of smart people that have had a lot of different experiences and different views on how you can shape your company. I think the key is to listen, find the nuggets that are in each one of those pieces of advice, find ways to tie them together and apply them when appropriate." 

Contact Information 

Website: https://www.rach.io

038 - Carey Green: Founder of Podcast Fast Track discusses the benefits of starting a podcast

Carey Green is the founder of Podcast Fast Track, which is a podcast production and audio editing subscription service.  

In this interview, Carey discusses the process of starting a podcast, who should start a podcast, how he markets his business, bootstrapping and sending cold emails, and the future of podcasting.

Topics Discussed

  • Who should start a podcast
  • Setting up your podcast
  • Bootstrapping and cold emailing
  • The future of podcasting

Best Business Advice

"Work toward not trading time for money..."

Contact Information 

Website: http://www.podcastfasttrack.com/

037 - Eric Graham: Marketing Director for Automated Marketing Group returns to discuss what businesses can do during slow times

Eric Graham, Marketing Director for Automated Marketing Group, appeared on The Colorado Entrepreneur Show several months ago, where he discussed low-cost ways to market your business. On this episode, Eric discusses marketing activities you should be doing if you have downtime during the holiday season, or any seasonal downtime you might experience in your business.

Topics Discussed

  • How you can attract customers if your business is slow during the holidays
  • Setting your marketing up for a successful year in 2015
  • Improving your SEO and Google search rankings
  •  Participating in fundraisers and getting involved in the community

Contact Information

Email: eric.graham@longtermfix.com

Website: Automated Marketing Group